Please note: No drop locations in HRM will be open Monday October 12th All operations will resume Tuesday October 13th. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Update: To help facilitate your shipping during this time we will be operating out of Atlantic Screen Printing located at 54 Wright Ave in Burnside on M/T/W/F from 11AM-4PM receiving packages but we ask that effective immediately you adhear to the social distancing policies layed out by the government of Canada, that you spend no longer than 2 minutes at most dropping off and that under no circumstances can you use the parking lot located next door at Brunswick Lift's. Anyone caught using the parking lot next door will be fined and ticketed by the HRM police and could end up risking the entire program for the rest of the businesses we serve in Atlantic Canada. We thank you for your cooperation during this time and wish you a healthy 2020.



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A return has been received in HRM. Please select how you would like to receive your returned packages. Options are: Drop off to your place of business, to one of our drop spots in HRM, shipped to you via 3rd party or sent to you COD via Maritime Bus.

When you receive notification of any returns from our head office, you can put in a request how you would like to receive them when we have them in our possession.

Please include # of returns you have been notified of and any additional information.  

Please Note: Returns can take 6-10 weeks to be returned. If you are looking for a return in particular or have questions relating to your returns please send an email to