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Packaging Tape (6 rolls)

Packaging Tape (6 rolls)

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Sealing tape 

Discover the resilience and practicality of our packaging tape for your shipping and packaging solutions. Our robust 48mm X 132m tape, with a 1.54 mil thickness, ensures powerful adhesion to corrugated boxes, making it ideal for various applications across different temperature ranges. Available in convenient 6-roll cases, it's the perfect solution for confidently securing your shipments.

Why Our Sealing Tapes Are a Must-Have:

  • Mighty Strength: With a tensile strength of 22 pounds per inch and a 1.54 mm thickness, these tapes hold tight and resist tears.
  • Adhesion Power: Instantly bonds with various surfaces, offering superior tear and split resistance.
  • Eco-Friendly: ROHS compliant and meeting environmental considerations.
  • Consistent Performance: Ideal for carton sealing, splicing, and bundling, each roll ensures uniform quality and efficiency.

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