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Self-Seal Kraft Bubble Mailer #7 (14" x 19" useable) - Box of 50

Self-Seal Kraft Bubble Mailer #7 (14" x 19" useable) - Box of 50

Retail Price / Handling Fee $52.00 $42.99 Price / Handling

Kraft mailers

Our self-seal Kraft bubble mailers are made from golden kraft paper with a 3/16″ bubble lining. The perfect go-to for secure, lightweight, and cost-effective shipping. Your products deserve the best, and our Kraft mailers are here to deliver.

Why You'll Love Our Kraft Mailers

  • Super Protective: They've got 3-sided, shock-absorbing fins – like a little cushion for your items.
  • Durable & Strong: Made with a sturdy kraft bubble mix, these mailers are tough cookies.
  • Easy Slide: Slide things in and out smoothly with our high-slip lining.
  • Security First: Our hot-melt self-seal closure keeps prying eyes out.
  • Feather-Light: Save on postage costs, thanks to their lightweight design.
  • Less Mess: Say goodbye to messy macerated paper with our clean bubble lining.
  • Get Personal: Jazz them up with custom printing for that extra brand sparkle.

Pre-Order Perks

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  • Delivery Timeline: Expect your pre-order in 4-6 weeks or less

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