Zebra Thermal Printing Labels Fanfold 4" x 6" (5000 pieces)

Zebra Thermal Printing Labels Fanfold 4" x 6" (5000 pieces)

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Fanfold labels

Streamline your high-volume labeling with our 4" X 6" direct thermal blank fanfold labels, compatible with Zebra printers and more. These fanfold labels come with 5,000 labels per box to help ensure long-lasting convenience and minimal need for replacements. Their innovative design eliminates the need for ink or toner, delivering sharp, precise prints every time. With easy separation and application thanks to perforations, these labels offer a reliable and cost-effective solution, enhancing your shipping process with unmatched ease and efficiency.


  • 4" X 6" direct thermal blank (white) perforated fanfold labels.
  • 5,000 labels per box.
  • Compatible with most Zebra printers as well as other industry standards.

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