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Courier Bag 12" x 15.5" (500 pcs)

Courier Bag 12" x 15.5" (500 pcs)

Retail Price / Handling Fee $166.00 $84.99 Price / Handling


Fastpak Courier Envelope features polyethylene with superior tear and puncture resistance. The inner layer provides document confidentiality and the outer surface is ideal for high quality printing.

Key Features

Hot-melt self-seal closure
Tamper-evident, increases content security

Outer surface
Allows for excellent high resolution printing

Inner surface
Inside layer provides document security and confidentiality

Easy opening
Reduces labour costs and increases productivity

Superior puncture resistance
Provides superior protection resulting in less damage during transit

Outstanding tear strength
No unwanted tears along the seam resulting in perfect delivery every time

Resistant to water and dirt
Documents stay clean and dry during delivery