Welcome all Atlantic Chit Chatters - Please note you no longer need to log shipments on this website. Shipments must still be consolidated and batched. Our teams will receive all your shipments once they arrive at our Atlantic hub. Thank you for shipping with Chit Chats.

Getting Started With Chit Chats Atlantic


We ship Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from HRM but you can use the our partner Maritime Bus any day of the week to get packages to us based on your convenience if you are outside HRM. If you ship with Maritime Bus, as long as you get your consolidated shipments into us prior to their cutoff for transit to Dartmouth we will receive your packages same day in HRM at 6pm. 
We have convenient drop locations throughout HRM or you can take advantage of our partnership with Maritime Bus. 
Any local Canadian packages (NS, PEI, NB, NFL) are injected into Canada Post the following business day at the sort facility here in HRM and PEI, NS, NB packages are typically delivered the following business day where NFL and the rest of can take the normal average of 3-9 business days with really rural locations can take up to 11 business days depending on how rural the location is just like Canada Post. Canada Post does the final leg of delivery for Canadian packages but your packages are tracked and provided a Canada Post tracking number. 
For US and international packages, all are sent to Ontario, sorted sameday and then forwarded to the postal system selected. 
Average delivery times from us receiving in HRM:
International: 7-14 Business days average 
Canada: 3-9 Business days average
US: 3-7 Business days average
Here's the steps to get started and do your first shipments:

You can start shipping with Chit Chats in 7 quick steps:

Step 1: Create a shipping account @ ChitChats.com/signup

Step 2: Add Credits to your shipping account

Step 3: Import orders one of the following ways

Step 4: Purchase & Print postage through Chit Chats

Step 5: Print a batch label for your completed shipments

Step 6: Get your shipments to us one of the following ways:


Step 7: Notify Chit Chats Atlantic of your Drop-OffPick-Up or Mail-In


To purchase supplies please visit: www.chitchatsatlantic.com and we can ship or to any location in Atlantic Canada or forward for pickup COD via Maritime Bus

Please note: When logging your drop off with www.chitchatsatlantic.com you will have to make a new account with the same info that you used at www.chitchats.com . This will help us identify your shipments on route for same day processing.
Please consolidate all shipments into a box or bag (up to 5 per waybill) if possible and attach batch label to the bags. 
For Maritime Bus only:

If sending your shipments with Maritime Bus you have the option of doing preprints or paying at the counter but most of our clients prefer the preprint option because they can just drop, go and be invoiced once a month for their fees. If you would like to signup for preprints here's the link: https://maritimebus.com/ship-your-parcels-by-bus-any-day-everyday/become-a-corporate-member/ 

Create a custom label with a word processing program that says:
   "Your Business Name And Address" 
Chit Chats / Maritime Bus Dartmouth
Address: 172 Wyse Rd, Dartmouth, NS B3A 1M6
Phone(902) 222-6960
"Urgent Shipment, Hold For Pickup"
Make sure you inform the staff at the Maritime Bus terminal that you are shipping with Chit Chats